Full Production


Here is a summary of all the work i’ve done so far, compiled in an easy to watch Demo Reel.

Wedding Reel

Demo Reel


Every company needs to have a great online presence, so to make this complete you need to have a great video.  Here’s an example of the type of promo video I could do for your business:




Fundraiser 2015



David Record is a very inspired artist and performer that I’ve had the pleasure of working with on multiple projects.  Watch out for this rising star, check him out at www.davidrecordmusic.com


I love being a part of a great cause, and this event was to raise money for breast cancer research.  This personal story was very touching and inspiring:


If you want to promote an upcoming event or party, here are a few examples of my past work:

AFIWI International

I was approached to cover an event for AFIWI International which is a great organization that helps upcoming artists get connected to the right people in the industry.  Check out the promo video here to find out more:

National Black MBA Association

I’m so happy when a client wants to use my services again.  Here is the latest promo video i did for the National Black MBA association – check them out here http://www.nbmbaa.ca



I occasionally get a chance to shoot a short film, here are the 3 short films I have created (all have been screened in local film festivals):

TRAnsitions -A talented young artist finds inspiration everywhere she goes.  Her next piece is so inspired that it could change the course of someone’s life.

The Lever – A young boy and his brother fall on hard times. They discover a magical lever and chaos breaks outs. Will the world ever be the same again ?

Stop Don’t Bully – Is a project near and dear to my heart, because my two young nieces wrote the script for this play, because they were effected by bullying in school  This film went on to show in their schools, I hope this makes a difference even in one person’s life:


This Is Your World Too // Youth Leadership Symposium

I made this promo video for a Youth Leadership symposium.  I truly support this event every year, as I love to make a difference for the kids.

Coco LaRain // Spoken Word Vocalist
I had the opportunity to be at a Spoken Word event, that had so many amazing artists.  Coco LaRain is one talented spoken word vocalist, check out her performance:

Multi-Platinum selling R&B artists, Ginuwine  and Bobby V interview

Dempz CarterTV caught up with Bobby V and Ginuwine at their concert on Jan 12, 2013 at the Sound Academy.

Luke Bilyk of Hit TV Show Degrassi

It was really cool to meet and work with Luke Bilyk of Degrassi, he asked us to help create a video diary of him getting ready for the Emmy Awards.  This was filmed for Dempz Carter TV but it was also aired on Entertainment Weekly (EW.com)  Check out both links below:

Entertainment Weekly Article


Pooch Hall aka Derwin Davis of Hit BET TV Show “The Game”

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet Pooch Hall, Actor and soon to be Rapper. He granted us some interview time back in Aug 2012 when he was in town for Caribana Festival in Toronto. He is a real cool guy and down to earth. Check out the interview here, covered by Issey Abraha from Dempz Carter TV.

Prolific Rapper, Consequence interview by Dempz Carter TV

I have been a fan of Consequence since I first heard him on a Tribe Called Quest’s 3rd album (Beats, Rhymes and Life) and then he went on to work with Kanye West on many of his records.  I am glad I got a chance to meet him as I filmed this interview for Dempz Carter TV.

My son Isaiah turns 13

As my son, Isaiah turned 13 on August 23, 2012 – I had to something special. He loves spy movies so much I had to make him the star of his own spy movie.

Lisa and Lincoln Engagement

I had the opportunity to filmed the engagement party for a lovely couple, Lisa and Lincoln.

National Black MBA Association

The National Black MBA Association focuses on individuals that are working towards their Masters in Business degree and increase the momentum of their careers.  They chose me to promote their Toronto chapter by showcasing the events that offer learning and networking opportunities.  Thanks to my friend Simon, an amazing Photographer, from Paradigms in Photography http://www.syclx.com who put this project together.

Young Black & Gifted Clothing Line

A good friend of mine referred me to a gentleman that wants to launch a clothing line that is branded “Young Black & Gifted”.  I created 3 teaser videos as a build up to the official launch, I really liked how they turned out:


Teaser #2:

Final Video:

Voice of Deliverance Ministries International

I was approached by a Pastor of a world wide ministry to help him launch his Ministry in Toronto.  He shared his vision of a multi -faceted organization that will make a difference in the community.  Here’s the promotional video I created to help share their vision with the world:

Stop Don’t Bully !

As we all know, bullying has been around forever.  Recently it has become a more publicized and talked about topic.  In fact I plan to bring my boys to go see the new “Bully” movie.  I was bullied as a child and I remember the feeling to this day.  My 8 and 12 year old Nieces, decided to write a script about bullying and I was more than happy to film it.  Please enjoy and share this video:

It’s Your World Too

“It’s Your World” is a youth leadership symposium that brings together many professionals to give youth a chance to have one-on-one time with those who have traveled the path they want to go.   Check out this promo to get all the details:

DJ Starting from Scratch Engagement

The world famous, DJ Starting from Scratch is getting married and I had the privilege of recording their private engagement party.  Check him out at: http://www.startingfromscratch.com/

Jemini on air Host from G98.7

Jemini from G98.7 was promoting a book called “No More Dating DJ’s” and I had the great opportunity to film the photo shoot and turn it into a mini trailer.  She really liked how it turned out, I did too !!

Aroni Awards Gala 2011

I was so happy to be a part of such an amazing event that recognizes youth doing great things in the community.  The Aroni Awards Gala was created in honor of Aron Y. Haile as he was exemplary in creating opportunities for people in diverse backgrounds. Aron Y. Haile, an African Canadian who died in 2003, at the young age of 30, was an accomplished student, entrepreneur, software developer, event planner, theater arts enthusiast and adventurer. His willingness to mentor gave him an avenue to forge many meaningful relations while giving back to his community. Aron believed that you should help those with good character who are applying positive effort to further advance themselves forward despite the obstacles. In December, 2003 while on holidays from his role as a software developer at BMO, his short yet fulfilled life ended in a vehicular accident in Eritrea (East Africa.)

My short film “TRAnsitions” – featured on Rogers TV – “The Film Student”

I was so glad to have the opportunity to be in a film class called “How to Produce and Direct your first Film” last year at George Brown College.  This class was the backdrop of a Rogers TV show called “The Film Student”.  Here’s my episode.

October Birthday Bash

My friend Fiana Andrews and DJ Lagit held a Birthday Bash to celebrated their birthday along with all their friends who were born in October – including me ! Check out the recap.

Project 417 (Sept 2011)

Last year November, I had the pleasure of filming an event which was a fundraiser for a ministry called “Project 417”.  This year on November 4th will be the 3rd annual gala fundraiser.  Check out the recap video from last year to learn more.

Andre Andrews Art Show

I had the pleasure of filming an art show for an amazing up in coming Artist, Andre Andrews – check him out at andremandrews.blogspot.com and check out the recap of his inaugural art show below.

Mom & Dad’s 50th Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary on August 6, 2011.  This is an amazing milestone that is rarely reached, and we had celebrated it together with all our family and friends at a great restuarant called the “Gospel Cafe” http://www.thegospelcafe.ca/ – I highly recommend it.  This is the slideshow I put together for the event, I will post a recap of the event later this month.

Bramalea Community Health Centre

I put together a few trailers to promote the need for funding of the Malton Community Health Centre.

Lance Constantine and The Revolution Movement

Here is a trailer I put together for a motivational Youth speaker named Lance Constantine.  He was also in my short filmed soon to be screened in October, 2011

Mila and Justice Birthday Celebration

Here’s a birthday party that I shot and edited.

Unharnessed – Behind The Scenes – (Pilot)

Here is the pilot episode of the web TV show i’ve been working on called – Unharnessed – Behind The Scenes (of harness racing).  I didn’t know a thing about horse racing until about 3 months ago when I got involved with Allan Pootoolal, Horse Owner and businessman and Randy Waples, Harness Driver.   Take a look at this clip and you will learrrn more in these 15 mins – and will want to keep coming back to find out how the story unfolds.

Obya Entertainment present – “All Out” the Talk Show

Obya Entertainment, the company behind the exciting behind the scenes harness racing TV show, is launching a talk show titled “All Out!”.

Canada’s first magazine show featuring candid commentary about harness racing and other topics, “All Out” will feature guests from various industries in an all-out fashion discussing their personal opinion on various topics such as sports, politics, entertainment, life situations, as well as hot topics in racing. The show will air weekly, with virtually no topic considered taboo or off limits. The emphasis will be on educated dialogue and not just celebrity status.

The new product of Obya Entertainment Group is designed to attract audiences who may not be in harness racing but see value and entertainment in “no holds barred” discussions.

The following clip is a preview to the final product, featuring Trot Magazine’s Darryl Kaplan, Hall of Famer Bill O’Donnell, horseplayer Eric Poteck and horse owner Allan Pootoolal.

Unharnessed – Behind The Scenes

In association with Obya Entertainment Group, I have been asked to create a trailer for an upcoming webTV show based on the behind the scenes of Harness Racing.  Check out the trailer to get a little taste of what is in store.

Comedy Night Out ! (Feb 2011)

Want to find a great place to chill and have a laugh ? Head over to The Vue (192 Galaxay, Etobicoke) every Friday for the rest of February and see comedian Jay Martin  and his band  “Chicken & Waffles”.  Check out this clip for an idea of how cool this night out will be.

My First Commercial (Jan 2011)

This is technically my first commercial I shot and edited.  It was actually, for my son, Nathan, his drama class needed a commercial so we put this little clip together.  Nathan, loves fries so much, it’s no wonder this became the subject matter for the commercial.

The Paganini Strings (Octobe 2010)

I had the pleasure of hearing this amazing string quartet called, The Paganini Strings, perform at the World Arts Expo (see previous post). They asked me to put together a clip of just their performance.  Check them out at, http://youtube.com/ThePaganiniStrings

Bramalea Community Health Centre (October 2010)

The Bramalea Community Health centre put on a talent show called “Bramalea World Arts Expo”. which showcases the talents of the community. I had the pleasure of covering the event.  To find out more about BCHC go to http://bramaleachc.ca.

The Aroni Awards (Dec 2010)

The Aroni Awards Gala was created in honor of Aron Y. Haile, an African Canadian and accomplished student, entrepreneur, software developer, who died in a tragic vehicular accident at the young age of 30.  On December 4th, 2010 I was proud to be a part of the 5th annual event, here’s a recap.

Jay Martin – Fab Five of Comedy (Dec 2010)

I had the pleasure of filming five very funny guys as they came in for a photo shoot: Jay Martin, Trixx, Jean Paul, Cedric Newman and Patrick Haye.  None stop jokes, made it hard to keep the camera steady,  These crazy comedians can be seen all over TV and comedy spots around Canada, but they have a special event for Black History Month along with an awesome Play called, “The Wife, The Lover, The One night stand” – the title alone makes you want to go see it ! Check out the promo:

The Gift of Music (December 2010)

“The Gift of Music” was a wonderful fund raising event focused on keeping music in the schools.  Many amazing local musicians performed, Jully Black, Saukrates, Kim Davis to name a few, and hosted by Mr. International himself Kardinal Offishal.  Check out Kid Kut’s website for more info, and look below for an event wrap up clip.

Fall Queen 2010



Lawrence Kerr Photography – “The Shoot”

Recently, something special happened. MY PHOTOGRAPHER FRIEND set up a photo shoot with a couple that is getting married, a few models and an up and coming Hip Hop artist. Right from the start the vibe was electric and everyone was feeling it. I would like to share some of what we experienced. Please enjoy “The Shoot”. A Lawrence Kerr Photography and TaylorMade Imagery production.

Woman’s  Entrepreneurial Symposium in Brampton (May 2010)

On May 15th, my sister-in-law Julia Robertson, an accredited Home Stager, was asked to speak at a Woman’s  Entrepreneurial Symposium in Brampton.  The organizer, Neelam Kapoor, brought together a variety of business women in the Brampton community to inspire and motivate them.  Also in attendance, was the Hon. Mayor Susan Fennell who enlightened the audience with facts about our community and moved the women to achieve greatness with examples of her own goals and experiences.  The well attended event proved to be successful with all the contributions by speakers and entertaining performances.

“Lean on Me” – Music Video (April 2010)

As Easter approaches, some traditions come to mind…  For some families the painting of eggs and a visit from a certain bunny that hides those eggs.  For other Families religiously inclined,  it’s a time to attend church (may be one of 2 times for the year🙂.  But whatever your traditions may be,  it usually involves “Family” – and so this “Family- helping- Family ” style video is quite timely.  As part of a CD release for my friend at Woodsy Music, this video features a cover of the song “Lean On Me” – performed by Alana Craig.  Happy Easter !! ** Disclaimer – I have used footage from newscast and other sources that I do not own the rights for but have posted under fair use **

Stacey Mckenzie – Walk This Way Workshops (Jan 2010)

I had the privilege of filming a workshop that International Top Model Stacey Mckenzie was hosting this past January.  Stacey has graced many magazine covers from Essence to Verve Girl and walked many runways from Paris to Italy and much more.  Her workshops focuses on aspiring models and actors that want to learn how to make it in the tough world of show business.  Learn more about Stacey Mckenzie at http://www.staceymckenzie.com.  Check out the trailer I made for this awesome workshop.

The Hope Dealer  (Sept 2009)

I entered a short film into a local CommFest Film Festival contest and was awarded second place. Here is the film’s synopsis:

The short film entitled “The Hope Dealer” documents how a man uses Martial Arts as a vehicle to lead, inspire and change the lives of at-risk youth.  As a youth, Colin Ninvalle was labeled a “trouble maker”, and would get into fights to defend himself from bullies in the community, with his friends saying he probably wouldn’t make it past his 18th birthday. Colin believes in the children he mentors, especially since he knows all too well the trouble they could get in to without guidance, that’s why he believes it is better to be a Hope Dealer instead of a dope dealer.

Reptilian Birthday Party (May 2009)

A friend of mine asked me to capture her son’s 6th birthday which took place at a kids party place called Reptilia.  The kids had a great time exploring and learning about reptiles like Crocodiles, Snakes and Lizards.  Watch the following clip to see all the fun they had, it was amazing !!

Martial Arts Showcase – (Mar 2009)

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a Martial Arts teacher named Colin Ninvalle.  He is the founder of MATS (Martial Arts and Tutoring Studies), which focuses on developing positive and productive characteristics by using martial arts as a vehicle to attain success for his students.   Colin asked me to capture a performance of his program called  “Wadoka”, where he showcases the students’ unique talents.    The password to view the video is the name of the performance, look back in this post if you can’t recall (all lower case).

Dancing with the Stars – (Apr 2008)

My coworker, Robert, asked me to record a ballroom dance performance last weekend. Robert and his wife Gertie, have recently won first place in a dance competition in Halifax, and they compete all across Canada. I was glad to have the opportunity to record this for them. Even though I enjoyed watching Dancing with The Stars; it’s so much better to watch in person than on TV.

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  1. Love your work. The videos have a beauty and innocence about them.
    Good luck with all your endeavours.


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